When confronted with Kuenssberg’s horror Indy poll, Sturgeon erupts with a resounding ‘NO!’


‘NO!’ exclaims Sturgeon when confronted with Kuenssberg’s horrifying Indy poll.

After being confronted about waning support for Scottish independence, NICOLA STURGEON erupted at the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg.

After Laura Kuennsberg pointed out that polling data suggests support for Scottish independence is dwindling, the Scottish First Minister exploded.

Nicola Sturgeon was confronted by the BBC’s Political Editor with the reality that Scotland was “pretty stubbornly divided” on the issue of independence.

“When it comes to the question of independence, you’re a bit stuck,” Ms Kuenssberg told the Scottish First Minister.

“On this, the country is stubbornly divided, roughly 50/50.

“According to polls, support for independence has waned.”

“No, it doesn’t,” Ms Sturgeon responded.

“It has fallen back,” Ms Kuenssberg replied.

“Over the last six months, the average gap has been 3%, and it’s always been around fifty-fifty.”

“Occasionally, polls are slightly above 50%,” Ms Sturgeon said.

“On rare occasions, they fall below 50%.”

“No,” the Scottish First Minister said when asked if she ever worried about missing the moment of independence.

Ms Kuennsberg asked Ms Sturgeon if she planned to retire from frontline politics one day, and Ms Sturgeon refused to speculate on her future.

“It’s almost as if my opponents have realized they can’t beat me or remove me from office themselves,” the First Minister responded.

“So they’re crossing their fingers that I’ll resign.”

“However, they will be disappointed because I will be around for a much longer period of time.”

“Given her many Tory and Labour leaders have come and gone, and in my time as First Minister, perhaps a lot longer than they, and a lot longer than they wish me to be,” the SNP leader concluded.

“I was elected as First Minister of Scotland seven months ago, after asking the people of Scotland to put their faith in me for a five-year term.”

“They put their faith in me and re-elected me; we are in difficult times as a country, and I intend to carry out my mandate.”


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