When a couple accidently stumbles onto a haunted cave, the ‘ghosts’ tell them to ‘get out.’


When a couple accidently stumbles onto a haunted cave, the ‘ghosts’ tell them to ‘get out.’

GHOST HUNTERS who ventured inside a cave claim to have encountered a spirit who instructed them to “get away.”

Beth and Tony Ferguson were exploring a 300-year-old cave when they suddenly heard a frightening voice. The presence, according to the couple, served as a clear warning to “get out” of the cave, which they initially mistook for a dream.

They only realized it was more real than they expected when they returned from their visit to Carnglaze Caverns in Liskeard, Cornwall, earlier this month and rewatched what they’d shot on camera.

Two apparitions were seen on camera zooming by the Fergusons, according to the Fergusons, with the horrifying voice of what sounded like a little girl saying “hi” also heard on the film.

Although most individuals would be horrified by such an event, the couple is used to spiritual occurrences because they are paranormal activity hunters in their spare time.

“I’ve been to several haunted spots in the UK and all around the world, but this place astonished me,” Mr Ferguson, who also works as a personal trainer, said. I was quite uneasy.

“We hadn’t heard anything about this place being haunted; we were just passing through and looking for something to do.

“I felt like we were being followed as we walked about, like if there was something behind us.”

The 42-year-old is persuaded, so he began recording the incident. He now feels that what he and his wife witnessed was supernatural.

“I normally take my cameras with me, so I just started laying them around, and I couldn’t believe what we were able to capture,” he explained.

“Out of nowhere, a white mist came in front of me, stopping and changing shape before disappearing. We could hear voices whispering all the time, but the most bizarre was when we heard a voice urging us to ‘get out.’”

During their trip, the Fergusons came across the man-made caves, which are over 300 years old and were once used to dig slate before being used by the Royal Navy to store rum during WWII.

The Fergusons, sensing the presence of spirits, set up cameras and catballs, which only light up when touched, to capture the two “ghosts” on video.

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