‘What would you do in that case?’ As Phillips criticizes Labour’s approach, Ashworth is left scrambling.


‘What would you do in that case?’ As Phillips criticizes Labour’s approach, Ashworth is left scrambling.

‘How would you react in that situation?’ As Phillips attacks Labour’s strategy, Ashworth is caught off guard.

JONATHAN Ashworth was put on the position when asked what the Labour Party would do differently on Freedom Day, as the shadow Health Secretary pressed for the continuation of some anti-Covid initiatives.

When asked what the Labour Party wants the British government to do differently to allow the UK to reopen safely, Jonathan Ashworth seemed at a loss for words. When the Labour frontbencher expressed worries about Monday’s Freedom Day, Sky News anchor Trevor Phillips reprimanded him, pointing out that his party had failed to clarify how it would handle the lifting of the lockdown. Mr Phillips questioned Labour’s position when Mr Ashworth claimed that the party would ensure that masks were still required.

The Sky News host said, “Everything you just said is pretty much what Conservative ministers come on here and say.”

“So, aside from going from mandatory mask wear to voluntary mask wear – which, according to recent polls, roughly three-quarters or more people will do anyhow – that’s the difference between you and the government.”

“No,” Mr. Ashworth responded.

I haven’t seen any Conservative ministers on the news, with all due respect…”

Mr Phillips immediately shut off the response, stating, “Let me assure you, you obviously haven’t been following the show, but that’s what they’ve been saying, pretty much what you’ve just stated.”

Mr Ashworth continued, “They don’t talk about ill pay.” They make no mention of addressing underpayment.

“They don’t state they’ll allow people to work from home if they wish to,” says the author.

“They don’t say they’re going to use British manufacturers to build air filtering systems for schools.

“And they aren’t investing in the NHS or examining our testing capability to see whether we can start testing for flu this winter as well.”

Mr Phillips, on the other hand, pressed the shadow Health Secretary for further details on Labour’s stance: “I simply want to know what the Labour Party would do differently if they were in power.”

“The pingdeminc is another policy issue where you may go in a different path.

“Many people say we should just get rid of the app. Or that we should change it successfully – as your former leader put it this morning, “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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