What time does Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn align for Thanksgiving?


When does Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn align for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is approaching, as is a special stargazing event.

Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn may be visible in a diagonal line on November 25.

As the night progresses, Jupiter and Saturn will get closer to Venus and the horizon in your area, making it the best time to look.

As the sun sets, Venus will be visible.

Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus should all be visible above the southern horizon shortly after nightfall if the skies are clear.

“Watching November’s evening planets from night to night is like watching a slow-motion chase,” the Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics said.

“Venus appears in the afterglow of the setting sun and doesn’t move for the entire month.”

“But not Saturn and Jupiter, who are both brilliant.

You can see them close in on Venus as they head toward the horizon after nightfall.”

The most visible of the three planets will be Venus, which will be in the bottom right.

Jupiter will be to the upper left of the trio, while Saturn will be in the middle.

Before drawing closer together, they should draw a diagonal line in the sky.

A telescope isn’t required, but it may be useful for a closer examination.

Consider looking from a dark, low-light environment.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking at, you can always use a night sky scanning app to pinpoint constellations and stars on your smartphone.

However, make sure you take a break from your phone afterward; stargazing is best done after your eyes have adjusted to the darkness.

SkyView Lite, Star Tracker, and Star Walk 2 are all stargazing apps for Android and iPhone.

Some apps are free, but many are not, so it is up to you whether you want to put up with advertisements or not.

Before downloading an app, read the reviews and see how many people have rated it.

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