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What the papers say – August 9

Boris Johnson urging a return to schools and migrants in the English Channel are among the stories leading the papers on Sunday.

The Sunday Times leads with a suggestion from the Prime Minister that children are being harmed more by missing school than the potential harm of Covid-19.

The Mail on Sunday reports on Mr Johnson saying there is a “moral duty” for schools to reopen, a move it says “throws down the gauntlet to union leaders”.

And the Sunday Express says Mr Johnson has taken “personal charge” of the school situation.

Angles on the coronavirus also lead the Sunday Mirror , which suggests Britain is on the path for a second nationwide lockdown, while the Sunday People says pubs are on “last orders”.

And The Observer writes that Mr Johnson is under pressure to offer compensation for people caught out by quarantine restrictions after travelling overseas.

Meanwhile, The Sunday Telegraph leads with a claim from France for £30 million to help police the Channel.

The Independent leads with the results of a diversity drive in police falling short of expectations.

And the Daily Star Sunday reports Charles Bronson has fought to get fish and chips back on the menu of his prison.

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