‘What is the significance of Kate’s £3,000 gown?’ During the space row, Prince William slammed the word “entitlement.”


‘What is the significance of Kate’s £3,000 gown?’ During the space row, Prince William slammed the word “entitlement.”

PRINCE The “supreme entitlement” displayed by William as he slammed down the billionaire space race has been criticized.

The statements concerning the space race were made while Prince William was being interviewed by the BBC to promote his new Earthshot Prize. “We need some of the world’s greatest brains and minds focussed on trying to restore this planet, not trying to find the next location to go and live,” the Duke of Cambridge remarked. His remarks drew some criticism, with presenter Angela Epstein criticizing him for his “supreme entitlement.”

Ms Epstein, speaking to Jeremy Vine on Five, said: “I believe Prince William will find it difficult to do so because he comes from a position of absolute entitlement.

“Despite the fact that he does a lot of good, and I’m a great monarchist and a big supporter of Will and Kate, you could call him out all the time.

“Why does your wife feel the need to dress up in a £3,000 gown for a premiere? She’s lovely, graceful, and she could shop with me and Storm and look just as nice.” “It’s absolutely important to be working on this [planet]rather than giving up and going out into space to try and think of answers for the future,” the Duke remarked.

Because of Kate’s £3,000 dress she wore to the Bond premiere, the statements have sparked outrage, with William being labeled “entitled.”

The Duchess dazzled the globe when she walked the red carpet in Jenny Packham’s beautiful gold full-length gown.

Regardless of the star-studded cast, Kate wore a dress appropriate for a Bond girl, and all eyes were on her.

Kate has been labeled out of touch before; during the lockdown, the mother of three said that pandemic parenting was “exhausting.”

On social media, this was received with a harsh response, with individuals claiming that the Royal Family employs dozens of people.

“Out of touch patronising rubbish,” said the CEO of the anti-monarchist organisation Republic.

Other Twitter users remarked on the size of the Duchess’s home, saying she had “no idea.”

Kate isn’t the only Duchess whose dress choices have gotten her in trouble.

After donning designer attire on a recent tour of New York City, Meghan Markle has been criticized as “absolutely out of touch.”

“Brinkwire Summary News” was broadcast during the visit.


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