What grades did Kate Middleton, William, Harry, and Meghan get in their A-Levels?


What grades did Kate Middleton, William, Harry, and Meghan get in their A-Levels?

TEENAGERS throughout the country will be waiting for their A-Level results this week, so this website has compiled a list of the grades that members of the Royal Family received in their final exams.

This year’s A-Level results day is on August 10th, and students around the UK will be anticipating their grades on Tuesday. Because written exams were canceled due to the epidemic, teachers examined A-Level and AS-Levels this year. This website has looked at what members of the Royal Family got in their final high school exams as adolescents around the UK prepare for tomorrow.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, 39, excelled at school, earning an A in math, an A in art, and a B in English.

She moved on to St Andrew’s University to pursue a BA in Art History, where she shared a hall with Prince William, 39.

She received a 2:1 from St Andrew’s.

Wills received an A in Geography, a B in Art, and a C in Biology in his A-Levels.

He moved on to St Andrews University to further his education, where he met his future wife Kate.

While the future king was initially enrolled in History of Art, he switched to Geography later.

Prince Harry studied only two A-Levels and received a B in Art and a D in Geography.

Rather than following in his brother’s footsteps and attending university, he enlisted in the army.

Before beginning his military training, Harry took a gap year in Australia, where he worked on a cattle station (like his father had done in his childhood).

He also took part in a polo match between Young England and Young Australia.

Meghan Markle, 40, grew up and had her education in the United States, thus she did not complete A-Levels.

The Duchess, on the other hand, was an A* student, and while her high school records aren’t public, she received the scores she needed to go into college.

Meghan graduated from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, with a double degree in Theatre and International Relations.

Beatrice Ferguson, the eldest daughter of Princess Andrew, 61, and Sarah Ferguson, received an ABB in her A-Levels.

She studied Drama, History, and Film Studies before going on to Goldsmiths University to study History of Ideas.

Beatrice received a 2:1 from Goldsmiths.

Eugenie received an A in Art as well as an A in “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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