What are today’s winning Lotto numbers? Lotto results October 13 LIVE: What are today’s winning Lotto numbers?


What are today’s winning Lotto numbers? Lotto results October 13 LIVE: What are today’s winning Lotto numbers?

THE LOTTO DRAWN TONIGHT IS FOR £2 MILLION, ENOUGH TO MAKE ANY WINNER’S DREAM COME TRUE. Have you, on the other hand, hit the jackpot? Here are the live Lotto results for tonight.

The Lotto draw is set for Wednesday night, with hopeful Brits hoping their lucky ticket would win them the £2 million jackpot. The draw will take place around 8 p.m. tonight, with the £500,000 Thunderball prize also up for grabs.

After Saturday’s Must Be Won draw, in which the jackpot hit its height and was distributed among many winners, tonight’s Lotto has rolled back down.

The Lotto can be rolled over up to five times before becoming a ‘Must Be Won’ event.

The Lotto has now restarted at its original value of £2 million.

And if you match all six primary numbers, you’ll win the jackpot.

The following are the next winning numbers:

You’ll win £1,000,000 if you pick five main numbers and the bonus ball.

If you match five main numbers, you’ll win £1,750; if you match four main numbers, you’ll win £140.

If you match three main numbers, you’ll win £30, and if you match two main numbers, you’ll get a free Lucky Dip.

The Thunderball, with a £500,000 jackpot, is also up for grabs tonight.

You must match five primary numbers plus the Thunderball to win.

You’ll win £5,000 if you match five main numbers alone, and £250 if you match four main numbers plus the Thunderball.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, the Thunderball is drawn, and every Wednesday and Saturday, the Lotto is drawn.

The winning Lotto numbers for tonight are 4, 8, 12, 15, 38, 56, with the bonus ball being 30.

The results of tonight’s Thunderball are in. 3, 6, 9, 21, 33 are the winning numbers, and the Thunderball is 10.

Friday’s EuroMillions is worth a lot of money to lottery players hoping for a second shot to win.

The EuroMillions jackpot has surpassed £184 million and is still unclaimed.

The maximum prize will remain in place for five draws until a Must Be Won draw is held by the National Lottery.

If no ticket matches all five main numbers plus the two lucky star numbers, the jackpot prize fund will be rolled down to the reward tier with at least one winner.

As a result, there could be a number of lucky winners in the final draw. Best of luck!


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