What are the winning EuroMillions numbers for this Friday’s EuroMillions draw?


What are the winning EuroMillions numbers for this Friday’s EuroMillions draw?

This Friday, EUROMILLIONS has a massive £14 million jackpot up for grabs, and someone out there might have the best weekend of their lives if they win. But, on Friday, what are the winning EuroMillions numbers?

A large reward is up for grabs tonight in EuroMillions for a lucky ticket holder who has the winning numbers. Players must correctly predict the five main numbers plus two Lucky Stars to win the jackpot, while the payout for the five numbers with one Lucky Star is a beautiful £130,554.30. You can win £13,561.20 if you correctly guess all five numbers but miss the stars, and £844.70 if you correctly guess four main numbers and two fortunate stars.

Samantha Young is one of the most recent winners of £1 million in the EuroMillions.

Ms Young, 33, used the National Lottery app to purchase two EuroMillions lucky dip tickets for the July 2 draw.

Paul Young, Ms Young’s husband, was playing one of the group games at the time.

“I’ve been very delighted to support the England squad and cheered them all the way to the final, just like the rest of the country,” she said.

“On that Friday, I purchased a few of Lucky Dip tickets for the EuroMillions draw that night.

“I logged back in just before going to bed and noticed that there was no jackpot winner, so I assumed that was it.”

“Little did I realize I’d wake up a millionaire!” Ms Young said.

Ms Young checked her emails the next day as she sipped her morning tea and discovered a message from the National Lottery.

She saw an assortment of zeroes when she logged into her online account and was overjoyed to find what she thought was a thousand-pound win.

“I’m a little embarrassed to disclose that, despite the fact that I’m a chartered accountant who works with numbers every day, it was Paul who took a closer look at the message and pointed out that what I believed was £1,000 was actually £1 million,” she said.

“Neither of us dared to trust that the victory was real.

“I logged in and out of my National Lottery account multiple times, and even after calling Camelot, who confirmed the win, and then speaking with the winners’ counselor, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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