What a load of nonsense! Outsiders with “big money” instruct farmers not to spray “smelly” fertilizer, causing outrage.


What a load of nonsense! Outsiders with “big money” instruct farmers not to spray “smelly” fertilizer, causing outrage.

Outsiders with “big money” have provoked fury after telling a Cornish farmer not to put fertiliser on his land due to the odor.

The residents of the “up country” affixed a letter expressing their displeasure with the fertilization of the neighboring fields, notably the impact it would have on an imminent garden birthday party. Images of the letter, which was discovered in the Marazion district of Cornwall, were shared on social media, prompting a flurry of responses.

Many residents chastised the residents for advising the farmer on how to handle his land, despite the fact that he had lived in the county his entire life.

Kernow Matters to Us, a Cornish nationalist advocacy group, shared the image on Facebook, writing, “When we saw this, we naturally felt sad for the farmer.”

“He’s lived all his life in Cornwall, as have his forebears, and they’ve farmed the land and kept the food chain going despite the wind, rain, heat, and cold.

“After that, the new residents arrive.

“They are from ‘up country,’ of course, and have purchased a number of properties with their large sums of money,” according to Cornwall Live.

“I can smell fertilizer being sprayed on nearby farms.

“Is it completely unfair to expect residents to be unable to open their windows owing to the scent in this heat?”

“Aside from that, I’m throwing a 60th birthday celebration this weekend and would love for my guests to be able to celebrate in my garden.

“Please do not spray this field during this heatwave, or I will have to contact the Environment Agency.” Kernow Matters to Us stated, “We have had additional similar reports since addressing this in our group.”

“A gentleman who had maintained hens for 40 years received noise complaints from the newcomers.

“(And) a man who kept beehives and ended up dealing with a wave of complaints from the new ‘up country’ neighbors and so on,” it said, asking when will “outsiders” realize that Cornwall would be in a “sorry state” if farmers, fishers, and food producers were not present.

More than 600 individuals have subsequently rallied around the farming family on the group, which is thought to be based in west Cornwall.

“This has to be a prank, right?” said one commenter.

“Perhaps chatting with the concerned farmer.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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