‘What a dreadful waste!’ ‘Get more nurses!’ screams outrage as the NHS recruits a £70,000 diversity chief.


‘What a dreadful waste!’ ‘Get more nurses!’ screams outrage as the NHS recruits a £70,000 diversity chief.

Outrage has been aroused by news that an NHS trust is willing to pay more than £70,000 for a diversity chief.

The London-based King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is looking for a head of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion. The chosen applicant would be paid between £61,861 and £70,959 per year at its Denmark Hill hospital, roughly three times what a freshly qualified nurse earns.

Many anti-woke activists lambasted the move, claiming that the NHS’s cash-strapped budget should be spent on personnel who physically assist patients.

Toby Young, a proponent of free expression, said, “Next time someone complains that the NHS isn’t getting enough money from the UK taxpayer, email them this.”

“The NHS isn’t underfunded; it’s full of waste and bloat,” claimed GB News host Calvin Robinson.

“Reduce the amount of managers and bureaucrats and return to the basics with the ward matrons.

“Replace the meaningless roles of equality, diversity, and inclusion with meritocracy.

“Before asking for additional taxpayer money, make efficiencies.”

Mercy Muroki, another presenter, was equally harsh.

“Look, I’m a pro-opportunity, pro-meritocracy, pro-representation sort of girl — I want to see individuals of all ethnicities, and from working class backgrounds being involved as much as possible in the workforce,” she wrote on the newly formed news channel’s website.

“However, do we really need to engineer every component of it?

“Do we really need to fill every industry with diversity and inclusion roles at all wage levels?”

Meanwhile, Brexiteer Darren Grimes commented on Twitter, “What an abhorrent waste of taxpayer money by the NHS.”

“To tell you the truth, people are sick of this identity-based nonsense.

“When a patient is in A&E, the last thing on their mind is the diversity of the staff who are providing care.”

The job posting on the NHS recruitment website described it as a “exciting chance” to “push forward” the trust’s equality, diversity, and inclusion initiatives (EDI).

“The main focus of the role is to lead the development and implementation of our equality and diversity strategy, working in partnership with our clinical and operational leaders to improve health equality outcomes for the local community and support equality outcomes within the trust’s workforce,” the job description stated.

“The post holder is also responsible for assisting in the delivery of effective and inclusive leadership, coordination, and administration of the EDI function.”

It went on to say, “The successful candidate will cooperate across organizational boundaries and.”


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