‘What a blunder!’ Boris’s ‘herd immunity’ policy, according to 1,000 experts, will kill thousands.


‘What a blunder!’ Boris’s ‘herd immunity’ policy, according to 1,000 experts, will kill thousands.

Any attempt by the government to use a “herd immunity” method to manage COVID-19 would be “totally wrong” and cost thousands of lives, according to BORIS Johnson.

Sir David King, the UK’s former Chief Scientific Adviser and chairman of Independent SAGE, issued a stern warning in support of an open letter published in the Lancet by over 1,000 UK scientists criticizing plans to lift all coronavirus limitations next week. The same group of experts who sent the letter also released a statement today calling the government’s strategy “dangerous and unethical.”

They also developed a four-pronged approach for preparing the British public for the autumn, which they claimed was vital.

Mr Johnson released a statement at Number 10 yesterday outlining his ambitions.

The Prime Minister specifically stated that legal restrictions for social separation and mask-wearing will expire on that date, while also emphasizing that “this pandemic is not ended” and asking people not to celebrate “a grand jubilee of freedom from any type of caution and restraint.”

“We stand strongly behind this statement,” Sir David King stated.

“It is incredible that the UK government would embark on a herd immunity plan that would result in thousands of pointless deaths and severe long-term sickness when the vaccination program has achieved such success.

“This plan, as we have stated for over a year, is utterly incorrect and does not reflect the best scientific or medical advice.”

Professor Trish Greenhalgh of Oxford University, clinical epidemiologist Dr Deepti Gurdasani, a senior lecturer in machine learning at Queen Mary University, Professor Christina Pagel of University College London and Professor Martin McKee of the London School of Tropical Health and Hygiene, both members of Indepe, are among the scientists in the group.

“The Prime Minister’s announcement today leaves little doubt that the government’s latest pandemic plan involves recklessly subjecting millions to the acute and long-term effects of mass infection,” they stated in a statement. We believe this is a huge blunder.

“This plan is already putting a lot of strain on already overburdened healthcare systems, and it will result in a lot of preventable deaths and long-term disease.

“The narrative of ‘caution, alertness, and personal responsibility’ is a surrender of the government’s fundamental.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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