‘What a blunder!’ Anti-vaxxers in France are planning to get infected with Covid in order to avoid getting vaccinated.


‘What a blunder!’ Anti-vaxxers in France are planning to get infected with Covid in order to avoid getting vaccinated.

Following reports that some anti-vaxxers are attempting to become sick with coronavirus in order to avoid receiving the vaccine, French medical authorities have issued an alert.

Citizens in France will be required to have a health permit starting Monday in order to enter restaurants, trains, and other public venues.

These will show if they were coronavirus-vaccinated, tested negative, or had anti-bodies after recovering from the infection.

To avoid this, some anti-vaccine activists have apparently been attempting to catch Covid, who has been duped by misinformation regarding vaccines.

One 25-year-old told Le Figaro that he had stopped washing his hands in order to avoid becoming infected.

According to the newspaper, a 20-year-old French lady permitted a Covid positive colleague to cough on her in the hopes of contracting the disease.

Experts warn against the tendency, pointing out that coronavirus can cause major health problems in children and teenagers.

“Even individuals aged 20 to 30 can have long-term consequences,” said French Health Minister Oliver Veran.

“When you have an illness, you can be exhausted for weeks, if not months. So don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re safe.”

In an interview with La Chaîne Info, epidemiologist Philippe Amouyel cautioned French teenagers that attempting to catch Covid is a “huge error.”

He argued that coronavirus has major long-term consequences for people of all ages.

According to Mr. Amouyel, the average age of intensive care patients in French hospitals has dropped dramatically in recent weeks.

According to data from Public Health France (PHF), 3,531 new coronavirus patients were hospitalized to hospitals in France last week.

This is a 92 percent gain over the previous week, which was a 51 percent increase over the week before that.

“The number of new hospitalizations and admissions in critical care accelerated last week, indicating the hospital effect of this fourth epidemic wave,” PHF stated in a statement.

The Constitutional Court of France authorized the French government’s plan for Covid health passes on Thursday.

This is France’s highest constitutional authority.

Large protests against health cards have erupted in French cities, with some turning violent.

Cafes, public transportation, and some shopping malls will require health passes.

To combat the Covid outbreak, President Emmanuel Macron is asking French citizens to get vaccinated.

He posted a video to Instagram on Friday saying, “It’s an issue of citizenship, it’s.” Brinkwire Summary News


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