What a 180-degree turn! The EU ambassador makes a stunning U-turn, admitting that there are ‘benefits’ to Brexit.


What a 180-degree turn! The EU ambassador makes a stunning U-turn, admitting that there are ‘benefits’ to Brexit.

THE EU AMBASSADOR TO THE UK HAS FINALLY ACCEPTED that Britain could reap “equally beneficial benefits” as a result of Brexit, signaling a shift in Brussels’ tone.

Since 2016, the EU has consistently stated that the UK’s decision to exit the bloc will have a negative impact on the country. Joo Vale de Almeida, speaking at a fringe event at the Labour Party convention in Brighton, had a kinder tone.

The EU’s representative in London repeated the bloc’s regret for the UK’s choice to leave, but added that the post-Brexit relationship could be just as beneficial to businesses and Britons as it was when the country was a member.

“While the European Union may be disappointed by Britain’s decision, we absolutely respect it,” he said.

“It’s clear that we want to move forward.”

“For us, moving forward entails forging a strong and deep partnership with the United Kingdom.

“It won’t be the same as before, and people must accept this, but it can be just as productive, fruitful, constructive, and beneficial for the benefit of our citizens and businesses.”

“We’ve made a commitment.”

He was to the Labour Party convention to strengthen ties with Sir Keir’s senior team of lawmakers and hear the party’s debate on the EU.

He explained, “I was in listening mode here.”

He’ll also be in Manchester next week for the Conservative Party’s annual conference.

Mr Vale de Almeida discussed tensions over the Northern Ireland Protocol at an event titled “Britain and the EU: What Kind of Relationship Do They Need?”

The EU has been accused by Britain of being “purist” in its implementation of the deal, which has harmed the UK’s internal market.

To alleviate long-term concerns, Westminster is requesting a reworking of the Brexit process.

Mr Vale de Almeida refuted charges that the EU is too focused on “rules” in its implementation yesterday.

He stated that he wants both sides to work together to find a solution to the dispute.

“We are willing to be flexible,” he stated. “Our approach has not been ‘rules, rules, rules,’ but ‘rules-minus, rules-minus.”

“In that way, we are responding to the unique circumstances of Northern Ireland and have demonstrated tremendous flexibility.”

“We expect that the conditions for us to go forward in identifying the correct solutions for implementing the Northern Ireland Protocol will be achieved very soon.”

“Brinkwire Summary News” says, “We believe this is a key occasion and an important component of our entire connection.”


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