West Sussex mother paralysed at Magaluf hotel is suing for £9 million

A mother-of-two who was left paralysed on a Magaluf hen do has begun proceedings on a £9 million compensation law suit.

Bonnie Lackey, 41, was at her cousin’s Mallorca hen do in 2017 when her life was changed forever. 

The mother from Crawley, West Sussex, was sitting in a rubber ring at her hotel’s pool when the staff turned on a wave pool machine. 

Bonnie was flipped upside down during the incident and suffered three broken bones in her neck, while also damaging her spinal cord.

Soon she was brought back to the UK with a private air ambulance, however it was found that she had been made a quadriplegic by the incident. 

She told The Sun that she wish she’d ‘never got in the wave pool’. 

‘I landed face down in the water and couldn’t understand why my arms and legs weren’t doing what I wanted them to,’ she said.

‘It felt like an eternity, but it must have been less than a minute when I was pulled out of the water.’

The High Court has now given permission to Bonnie and her family to sue the hotel she was staying at – BH Mallorca Hotel – in UK courts.  

She is also receiving monetary support through a JustGiving crowdfunding page set up by her sister Faye Wright. 

Currently the page has raised £20,976, which has helped fund the purchase of an electric wheelchair. 

Faye said she wanted to raise enough money to also install an electric lift in Bonnie’s house. 

‘My sister is truly amazing, always laughing and joking and never moans about her injuries,’ she said. 

‘Unfortunately, Bonnie has been told her injuries are permanent and she is working hard to learn how to adapt to this new life, but needs the house adjusted to make this possible to return home.

‘We…thank you all so much for your support for such an amazing and beautiful person that would do anything for anyone without a question.’


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