Wembley MANHUNT: Following the pandemonium at the Euro 2020 final, the Met Police have launched an appeal to find ten men.


Wembley MANHUNT: Following the pandemonium at the Euro 2020 final, the Met Police have launched an appeal to find ten men.

DETECTORS have published CCTV photos of ten persons wanted in relation to violence and unrest at the Euro 2020 final.

The request was launched by the Metropolitan Police to assist in identifying “people who we believe have questions to answer.” Large thousands of ticketless fans poured into the country’s primary football stadium ahead of the game between England and Italy last Sunday, causing nasty scenes at Wembley.

“Officers began the tedious process of analysing hundreds of hours of CCTV and body-worn video content from Wembley Stadium and other important areas after the match,” the Metropolitan stated in a statement.

“The painstaking investigation will continue to find further people of interest or indeed other offences that may have occurred,” the statement continued.

Police are urging anyone who recognizes the people in the leaked photos to contact them.

“Following the scenes of disturbance both at Wembley Stadium and in central London, we made a commitment that those guilty would face consequences,” said Detective Sergeant Matt Simpson of the Met’s Public Order Crime Team.

“Today’s step is being done to assist us in identifying those who we believe have queries that need to be answered.

“If you recognize them, please contact them as quickly as possible.

“This investigation is still in its infancy, and I have no doubt that more appeals and arrests will be forthcoming.

“We also continue to support police action across the UK in order to identify people guilty for racist and offensive social media comments.”

Two men, both 18, were arrested on suspicion of stealing goods that allowed ticketless fans flood Wembley Stadium on the night of the final, according to the Metropolitan Police.

The Wembley scenes were condemned by former Met deputy assistant commissioner Andy Trotter as “a stain on our country’s credibility,” while current deputy assistant commissioner Jane Connors stated the final may have been abandoned if police had not intervened.

Following the match, some England players were subjected to racial insults, which tainted the aftermath.

The government responded by announcing that the rules of the football banning order regime will be changed to include internet racism.

Boris Johnson announced that Football Banning Orders would be amended to include a 10-year ban for online offenders.

He also stated that tech companies will be penalized if they failed to stop “vile behavior.”

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