‘We’ll release hell!’ Insulate Britain sends a scary message to Boris: ‘We’ll unleash hell!’


‘We’ll release hell!’ Insulate Britain sends a scary message to Boris: ‘We’ll unleash hell!’

Insulate Britain, an environmental protest group, is planning to launch a new wave of rallies aimed at pressuring Prime Minister Boris Johnson to take action.

According to the Mail on Sunday, the campaigners will issue a ten-day ultimatum to Mr Johnson, failing which they will “unleash hell.” The organization has made headlines for blocking key highways in and around London during rush hour, much to the chagrin of both motorists and authorities.

They targeted a number of congested intersections on the M1, M4, and M25 freeways.

Irate motorists were caught on camera removing Insulate Britain banners from protestors who had employed a variety of techniques to obstruct traffic on some of the country’s biggest routes during rush hour.

According to the Mail on Sunday, an organiser spoke to a group of activists on Saturday, and an undercover reporter was planted among them.

According to them, the organizer, David McKenny, told the group, “There’s going to be an action on Wednesday, and then there’s going to be a public statement that says the government and police are total traitors.”

“You have ten days to make a meaningful statement about it,” he allegedly said. If that doesn’t happen, we’ll return and unleash hell.” “We’ve effectively split the opposition because the police, the government, and the CPS are all battling each other,” he continued. “We must not undervalue [sic]the discord in the halls of power.” This comes only days after Insulate Britain’s chief executive stated that he “doesn’t care” about the organization’s main purpose of insulating homes.

It was revealed earlier this week that Liam Norton, who was behind several of the motorway-blocking protests, did not insulate his own home.

Mr Norton called himself a “hypocrite” on talkRADIO, responding to the show host, “I don’t particularly care about insulation.”

Insulate Britain protestors are disobeying a High Court injunction that was put in place to prevent the demonstrators from taking to the roads.

The injunction, which was put in place just a few weeks ago, implies that demonstrators could face jail time for their actions.

When the injunction was issued, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps tweeted, “Invading a motorway is dangerous and puts lives at risk.”

“I requested that National Highways seek an injunction against M25 protestors, which a judge approved last week,” according to Brinkwire Summary News.


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