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‘We’ll keep the EU flag flying!’ Remainers mocked for ‘shameful and disgraceful’ stunt

BREXITEERS have hit out at a west London council for refusing to take down an EU flag, with social media users branding the move “shameful and disgraceful”.

Hounslow Council insisted it would continue to display the blue and gold stars outside the town hall to show solidarity with European citizens who call the borough their home. In a tweet posted on Brexit Day, the council said: “The EU flag will keep flying at Hounslow House – a ‘symbol that we remain an internationalist borough, a gateway to London for people and business, a place which embraces diversity and which EU citizens can call home.’”

The tweet included a snap of council leader Steve Curran holding the EU flag.

Another photo shows Mr Curran meeting with council staff from Poland, Croatia, Germany, Norway and Romania “to reassure them that the council values their contribution not only in Hounslow but also London and the country”.

While Remainers have welcomed the announcement, Brexit supporters have been quick to slam the council and accuse it of “virtue signalling”.

One person said the council’s actions proved local politicians “can’t see the difference between a corrupt, dictatorial organisation – the EU – and an open world”.

One woman said: “If Hounslow wants to virtue signal its ‘internationalism’ and how much it ‘embraces diversity’, wouldn’t it make more sense to fly the United Nations flag?

“The UK is actually a member (and founder) of the UN.”

Another social media user used the same point in their argument, saying: “Really? It begs the question why haven’t you been flying the flag of the United Nations all this time?”

They criticised the council for appearing to “think you speak for EVERYONE in Hounslow….you don’t”.

A fourth person branded the council’s actions “treacherous”.

He tweeted: “Treacherous London council insist it will STILL fly the EU flag outside town hall despite Brexit.

“Clearly the Hounslow voters need to think much harder about who they should vote for next time round…”

And yet another opponent urged local residents to “stop paying council tax in Hounslow!”

One man was particularly angered by the authority’s stance and urged the elected representatives to get down to business instead of concentrating on which international symbols should be displayed.  

He said: “This is a shameful and disgraceful decision.

“The council should be doing its job, not debating whether a flag should be flying or not! We have left!”

And another disgruntled person responded by calling on Boris Johnson to “ban EU flags on government buildings since Housing Council leader said he will keep it up even though we have left the EU”.

But Remain supporters lauded the council for going against the tide after the UK left the EU on January 31.

One supporter said: “Good to see. Hope there’s real support for non-UK Europeans here too, not just the flag!”

Another added: “Thank you Hounslow Council. There is some decency still in this crazy country.

“I and many others applaud your decision.”

Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed thousands of EU citizens moved to the borough of Hounslow in the two years after the 2016 Brexit referendum.

The surge of 5,000 marked an increase higher than the average across the UK. 

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