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Well at least they’re keeping hydrated! Revellers make the most of Britain’s hottest day

As Britain scorched during the hottest day of the year yesterday these summer revellers took to the streets of Blackpool for a night on the town. 


Despite temperatures in the north west not quite reaching the dizzying highs of 91F (33C) seen in the south east of the country, party-goers were keen to celebrate the good weather.

With the mercury staying as high as 62F (17C) throughout the night and in to the morning, revellers did not have to worry about the cold — despite many wearing skimpy dresses and shorts.

Party-goers can be seen sitting on the floor outside kebab shops, dealing with police, and walking in bare feet after the night of fun.

One group of men have even found themselves a shopping trolley to arrive home in style.

Clubbers were out on Blackpool’s party strip until the early hours and were able to walk home guided by daylight as the sun rose at 4.45am. 

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