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Weird Rumour Claims the Disney+ App Will be a Sky Q Exclusive in the UK

So here’s quite a weird rumour for a Monday afternoon. Apparently Disney and Sky are on the verge of finalising a partnership that would give Sky Q exclusive rights to stream Disney+ through its boxes, cutting out the likes of Virgin, BT, and any plebs who dared not upgrade their Sky subscription to Q.

The rumour comes from sources speaking to The Telegraph, and claim that the deal will be similar to the one Sky already has with Netflix. In other words, Q customers will likely be able to stream Disney+ from the box, and pay the monthly subscription as part of their standard Sky bill. There’s no word on whether this will reduce the amount it costs to subscribe to Disney+, as was the way with Netflix.

This deal is said to be on track for Disney+’s 24th March launch date, and if its true it could mean there isn’t much animosity between the two now that Disney has reclaimed its absurdly popular back-catalogue for its own service.

Presumably this will not affect you from downloading the Disney+ App onto the many devices that support it in other territories (like phones, tablets, streaming dongles, Philips TVs etc.) but it does mean anyone without a Sky Q subscription wouldn’t get that minor convenience of merging the service with the rest of the TV. Nor will they be able to search for Disney+ content from their regular TV remote.

The same sources also claim that EE is in talks for a deal that would see the network give away Disney+ subscriptions with its Pay Monthly plans – similar to what it already does with the likes of Apple Music and BT Sport. But with both of these rumours, we won’t actually know for sure until someone makes an official announcement – though we shouldn’t have to wait too long for that. [The Telegraph]

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