Weather: The sun is on its way, but it will have to fight off blustery storms first.


Weather: The sun is on its way, but it will have to fight off blustery storms first.

After a dreary start to the week, the sun will shine on some today. As the week swings between dry and wet, parts of the country will see dry and sunny spells, though not everyone will avoid the rain.

A temporary ridge of higher pressure is expected to provide settled weather across the country today, according to the Met Office. However, low pressure returns tomorrow with a front moving from west to east, bringing rain to several parts of the country.

People can anticipate “heavy blustery showers across the northern half of the UK with a larger probability of it keeping dry in the South and East,” according to spokesman Oli Claydon.

However, the sun should return before the weekend.

“As we approach the middle of the week, the rains take a step back,” said meteorologist Craig Snell. There may be some rains in the northern and eastern regions of the country, but they will not be as severe as they have been.

“Towards the second half of the week, we may have a good few days across the southern half of the UK, with sunshine and milder temperatures replacing the showers. So there will be a north-south split this week, but I believe the severe rain will have passed for all of us.”

Today’s high will be around 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) in the north, and 72 degrees Fahrenheit in the south (22C). And the temperature is expected to increase to 75 degrees Fahrenheit tomorrow (24C).

“By Wednesday, we’re looking at highs of 23C to 24C,” said Met Office forecaster Dan Stroud. For this period, that is slightly above average.

“We will see a northwest/southeast divide, with the south-east retaining the drier weather for a longer period of time.”


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