We won the £101 million Euromillions jackpot, and then everything fell apart.


We won the £101 million Euromillions jackpot, and then everything fell apart.

A COUPLE’S LIFE was turned upside down after winning £101 million on the Euromillions lottery – and not for the better.

As Britain’s seventh biggest winners, Dave and Angela Dawes, 53, cashed in their prize in 2011, purchasing Tom Jones’ former home in East Sussex for £4 million.

The couple, who had only played twice before, said they were planning the wedding of their dreams when they announced their victory.

Angela was wearing a new engagement ring, and the couple was planning to purchase properties in London and abroad, as well as a trip to Las Vegas and a skiing vacation in Switzerland.

However, in the ten years since their victory, the couple’s fortunes have shifted dramatically, with court battles and dramatic home raids turning the tide.

Initially, they spent £4.5 million on a flat for football fan Mr Dawes, 57, in Fulham, West London, just ten minutes from Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge stadium.

The couple then relocated to East Sussex, where they enjoyed a quiet life while spending their millions.

After his father and stepmother refused to stop coughing up money for him to eat lunch at the Ritz, Dave’s son Michael took them to court.

Michael, 36, blew through £1 million in a matter of weeks, telling a court that his father had promised to help him because of the lottery win.

After winning the EuroMillions jackpot, Dave married Angela and gave him the money with the expectation that it would “last for life,” according to a judge.

But he persisted in having his father throw more money at him, and he ended up receiving a further £600,000 from Dave.

Dave, on the other hand, was furious when his son failed to bring a present to his stepmother’s 49th birthday party.

The couple claimed that in the two years following the win, they lavished £1.6 million on his son and his partner James.

Despite receiving a large portion of the windfall, Michael asked for more money in April 2012, and Dave was “baffled.”

Michael and James purchased a house in Portsmouth for £500,000 and spent £250,000 on Mr Beedle’s family and friends.

They never led Michael to believe there was a “bottomless pit” from which he could get money whenever he wanted, according to Richard Wilson QC.

“The evidence is that Michael behaved extremely badly, demanding £5 million from his father and verbally abusing and bad-mouthing Angie,” the judge told the Central London County Court.

“That was the clincher.”

Michael had sent David an apologetic card on Fathers’ Day after the “drunken disagreement,” but he had received no further funds.

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