‘We will defend our interests,’ France says in a stunning Brexit threat to the UK.


‘We will defend our interests,’ France says in a stunning Brexit threat to the United Kingdom.

As the fishing war between the two countries rages on, a FRENCH official has issued an astonishing threat to the United Kingdom.

Clement Beaune, the French State Secretary for European Affairs, spoke in the French Parliament about the ongoing dispute with the United Kingdom. Mr Beaune issued a strong warning to the United Kingdom, saying that if the fishing war escalates, France will “defend” their interests.

“If dialogue with the United Kingdom fails to yield results, we will defend our interests,” he said.

“Our goal remains the same: to see that the agreement we signed is upheld and that our fishermen are protected.

“We’ll always support them.”

The row over fishing has gotten worse in the last month, with representatives from the French fishing industry threatening to block exports to the UK through Calais and other ports.

The United Kingdom, France, and the European Commission have been in talks, but a resolution appears to be coming later rather than sooner – if at all.

Michel Barnier, a former EU Brexit negotiator, recently made comments about the dispute in which he took aim at the United Kingdom.

“It would have been necessary to pay attention to the implementation of the Brexit agreement sooner,” Mr Barnier said.

“The British behave in a filibustering manner.

“Neither on the fisheries nor on Ireland, they have shown no good faith.”

The comments made by the former negotiator offended Generation Frexit leader Charles-Henri Gallois.

In his response to Mr. Barnier, Mr. Gallois defended Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

He said, “Michel Barnier, the British respect the agreement!”

“Accept that you did a poor job negotiating for France’s interests because you were negotiating for the EU.”

“The government was also inept in failing to notice the agreement’s flaw.”

“It’s because of you that our fishermen drink!”

The negotiations between France and the United Kingdom are infuriating the fishing committee for northern Hauts-de-France.

The French fishermen say they are “exasperated” by the “endless months of waiting” and are prepared to “apply more pressure” on the United Kingdom.

“We will thwart English interests,” said the organization’s president, Olivier Lepretre, on Monday.

“We also want to remind British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that your fishermen have access to European waters, and we don’t see why we shouldn’t have access to British waters, as the Brexit agreement stipulated.”


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