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We try out James Bond’s £3.3m Aston Martin DB5 with twin machine guns, smoke screen and battering rams

KIDS all over the world had the Corgi toy – now here’s the rich man’s version.

This astonishing bit of kit does exactly what the James Bond film car does. But it costs £3.3million.

Aston Martin has created 25 replicas of the classic DB5 driven by Daniel Craig in up-coming movie No Time To Die.

The gadgets include simulated twin machine guns that pop out from the front indicators, revolving number plates, smoke screen, battering rams, bullet-resistant shield and an imitation oil slick sprayer that squirts water.

There’s also a pop-off roof panel for the ejector seat — although that doesn’t work for obvious reasons. And the tyre slashers have to be screwed on by hand.

Inside, there’s a telephone and a black and white radar detector using the original beeping sound from 1964 film Goldfinger, when Sean Connery first drove a DB5.

The hero gadgets are activated from a control panel in the centre console and deployed by a red trigger under a flip-up gear knob. It’s a lot of fun.

Or you can use a remote-control unit outside the car.

Aston is building the authentic reproductions — which are not road-legal — in Newport Pagnell, Bucks, with the help of Bond special effects wizard Chris Corbould.

He said: “We have licence to cheat in the film world — but on these DB5s, these gadgets need to work all the time.”

Bond fans will also glimpse the Aston Martin Valhalla in No Time To Die and new Land Rover Defenders feature as baddie cars.

The original DB5 from Goldfinger was stolen from an airport hangar in Florida in 1997.

Thieves dragged it out by its axles, leaving telltale tyre marks, loaded it on to a waiting cargo plane and it has never been seen since.

So far 22 of the new cars have been sold to mostly mega-wealthy private collectors and Bond fans.

Which means there’s still one going if Daniel Craig — who apparently trousered £19million to reprise Bond — fancies one.

Or maybe he has No Time To Drive?

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