‘We provide food for the EU!’ Nexit rage explodes as Brussels forces Dutch farmers to leave due to loathed regulations.


‘We provide food for the EU!’ Nexit rage explodes as Brussels forces Dutch farmers to leave due to loathed regulations.

Farmers in the Netherlands are at the center of a disagreement that has halted coalition talks and sparked calls for the country to leave the EU.

The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL), which was commissioned by the Dutch ministries of agriculture and finance, leaked a document in September that prompted a political discussion in the country about the future of intensive farming.

After the United States, Dutch farmers are the world’s second-largest exporters in terms of value.

Dutch farmers are faced with difficult choices in order to adhere to climate change laws imposed by the EU’s Habitats Directive, upheld by the European Court of Justice in 2019 and bolstered by the EU’s Green Deal.

Phosphate and nitrogen emissions from crowded herds have brought the country dangerously close to exceeding the EU’s permissible tolerances.

According to a document leaked in September, the Dutch government was considering forcing farmers to sell their land.

The government dismissed the ideas as a “last resort scenario,” but they provoked debate in the business.

To make matters worse, the government announced this year that pig farms might apply for voluntary buyout programmes in an effort to reduce animal numbers. Out of 430 applicants, only 278 were chosen.

Farmers in the Netherlands blame the government for the snafu, claiming it is looking for inexpensive land to buy.

“It’s something to hold over our heads if we don’t go with the political winds,” Jeroen de Groot, a Dutch dairy farmer, told Politico.

Macron is enraged with the UK over fishing licenses, and the French are turning against him.

“They’re pitting us against the clock, and I’m doing everything I can to keep up.”

“With the new system, we want to emit around half of what we do now,” he explained, “but not so I can legally buy more cows, but so I can sell the permit space to other farmers and reduce emissions across the industry.”

“This is the next generation of emissions reduction technology, and it will operate flawlessly,” he continued.

“If something fails to clear the bar, it is due to institutional resistance, not the project.”

“It appears to me that the administration is only interested in acquiring inexpensive land.”

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