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‘We cut girls, we cut men, we cut kids’: Hair salon in WA is roasted over poorly-worded sign

A hairdressing salon’s unusual promotional sign has created a stir online.

The salon, believed to be located in Coventry Village Shopping Centre in Western Australia, has a sign informing customers of the services they offer.

‘We cut girls, we cut men, we cut kids,’ the sign reads, with an image of a woman, man and crying child illustrating each service. 

A photo of the sign was shared to Reddit and has received more than 42,000 upvotes and 679 comments.

‘I cut them all. Not just the men, but the women and the children too,’ one user joked. 

It wasn’t only the brief description of the services – which might have some customers wondering if it was their hair or something else about to be cut – but also the picture of an apparently distressed child.

‘It looks like that kid is about to be stabbed,’ one person wrote. 

‘That kid looks like he has a gun pointed at his head “Take the damn haircut if you want to see your parents again Jimmy!”‘ another joked.

Others took issue with the double-standard in referring to ‘men’ and ‘girls’. 

‘Makes no sense. Why girls and kids? Aren’t girls kids? Why men and girls? This is a strange sign,’ someone commented. 

‘Ah yes, the three genders: girl, man and kid,’ a response read. 

‘I thought it was to advertise different skills. Not everyone can cut kids hair and not everyone can cut women’s hair,’ someone else explained.  

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