Wayne Couzens, the killer of Sarah Everard, ‘flashed DJ Emma B,’ but cops ‘laughed’ at her account.


Wayne Couzens, the killer of Sarah Everard, ‘flashed DJ Emma B,’ but cops ‘laughed’ at her account.

WARNING: DJ Emma B was allegedly flashed by Sarah Everard’s killer Wayne Couzens while strolling her baby around London – but when she reported it to detectives, she was laughed at.

Magic FM is a radio station that broadcasts magic When DJ Emma B said she was flashed in the street by Sarah Everard killer Wayne Couzens, she claims the cops laughed at her.

According to The Mirror, the mother-of-two, whose real name is Emma Wilson, waived her legal right to confidentiality as a victim of alleged exposure to testify of her gruesome encounter with the convicted killer.

Emma, 50, claims she was yelled at by a Kent Police officer while wheeling her young son’s stroller through Greenwich 13 years ago, before he took his penis out in front of her.

The grueling experience of Couzens’ harshness in 2008 was described as “horrific” by the Magic FM DJ.

Couzens worked for Kent Police from December 2006 until September 2010, after which he went on to work for the Civil Nuclear Constabulary and the Metropolitan Police.

When he kidnapped, raped, and murdered Sarah Everard in March of this year, he was a Met officer.

Emma claimed she “panicked” when Couzens reportedly flashed her, rushing into a store and dialing 999, but officers simply laughed at her.

When Ms Wilson saw Couzens on the news, she “immediately” recognized him, she told the Telegraph.

“I wouldn’t say anything out loud until I was quite certain, since it’s important and serious,” she continued, “but as soon as I saw the photographs of him, I exclaimed, ‘That’s him.'”

“When I described the graphic bits and what he was doing, [police]chuckled; they felt that part was particularly humorous.”

“I’m saying something because a girl has died.“I have a daughter who is a university student.

“As a mother, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if no one said anything and my daughter died as a result.”

Officers from the Metropolitan Police’s professional standards division are investigating the incident, according to the force.

Many women may have been sexually harassed by wicked Couzens before he murdered Sarah Everard, according to Emma’s claim.

Her story also highlights other police failures to deal with past claims against Couzens, as well as a “culture of misogyny” among officers.

Couzens was charged with indecent exposure after driving naked from the waste down in 2015, but Kent Police allegedly failed to investigate.

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