WATCH: A French naval vessel dumps a migrant boat with a broken motor in UK waters.


WATCH: A French naval vessel dumps a migrant boat with a broken motor in UK waters.

After becoming stranded with a broken engine, a FRENCH Navy boat was videotaped unloading a boat full of migrants into UK waters for Border Force to pick up.

Nigel Farage of GB News reported from the English Channel, capturing footage of a French Navy ship dropping a boat full of migrants into UK waters before returning to France. Mr Farage tried to converse with the passengers on the boat, who spoke little English, before criticizing the UK’s decision to send another £55 million to France to deter migrant crossings. Why was the UK paying for a French “taxi service” that does little to dissuade migrants from making the perilous voyage, the enraged reporter demanded.

As the French Navy led a migrant boat into UK waters, Mr Farage was heard telling GB News that the French Navy had “done their duty.”

“Here is the ship, we can see roughly 25 people on it,” he told the program. This boat was followed by a French Naval vessel the entire way through French seas.

“They have put it over the line to England, keeping extremely close to it all the way – the French navy vessel has dumped them.

“It appears like their engine has broken down; I’m not sure if they’ve ran out of fuel or if it’s an engine failure.

“Because it is a fairly peaceful day, Border Force is in route.”

Mr Farage claimed that Border Force officers are “overwhelmed” by the amount of boats crossing, claiming to have seen one boat carrying 13 people with nothing but paddles.

Mr Farage also told GB News that he wanted the government to address the migrant crossings because they were dangerous.

He also claimed to have offered water to other refugees who had been dehydrated or hypothermic.

Mr Farage has been reporting on behalf of GB News from the English Channel since early Wednesday morning.

The former politician worked full-time as a presenter and reporter for the channel, which has been plagued by low ratings.

Pip Tomson of Good Morning Britain caught French ships assisting migrant boats into UK waters before returning to France earlier this week.

It comes as Home Secretary Priti Patel has agreed to give a another £55 million to.


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