Was there a link between the Norway attack and the bow and arrow killings? Kongsberg has been mapped.


Was there a link between the Norway attack and the bow and arrow killings? Kongsberg has been mapped.

A man launched a bow and arrow attack in Norway this evening, killing three people and injuring a large number of others. But were the murders linked to terrorism, and where did the attack take place? Several individuals were slain in Norway after a guy launched a bow and arrow attack. At around 6.30 p.m. local time, police in the town of Kongsberg, southwest of Oslo, notified the event (5.30pm BST). Were these crimes, however, the consequence of a terrorist attack? On October 13, the tragic incidents occurred in the town of Kongsberg, which is 51 miles southwest of Oslo.

Police have detained a suspect, who they believe acted alone, according to authorities.

On Wednesday evening, police were summoned to the location, with extra resources dispatched from nearby areas to assist.

“The man has been caught… from the knowledge we presently have, this person carried out these crimes alone,” police chief Oyvind Aas said.

“A number of people have been injured, and a number of people have died.”

The attack started around 6.10 p.m. local time near Kongsberg, roughly an hour outside of Oslo, and lasted for at least 30 minutes.

At least four people have been killed, with more injured, according to authorities, who believe the attacker acted alone.

Mr. Aas went on to say that there were “many crime scenes” throughout the city.

According to the ministry, the Norwegian Minister of Justice and Public Security, Monica Maeland, has received updates on the incident and is actively watching the situation.

The country’s police directorate announced that all officers, who are ordinarily unarmed, have been given instant permission to arm themselves with guns.

“This is an extra precaution,” the directorate stated in a statement. So far, the police have received no information that the national threat level has changed.” According to NRK, Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg described the incident as “awful.”

She stated that the man had been taken to a police station but had not yet been interrogated.

Ms Solberg told reporters that it’s too early to pinpoint a specific motivation for the “gruesome” incident, which left at least four people dead and many more injured.

According to witnesses on the site, the incident started at a Coop Extra store.

“I can confirm that there has been a significant incident at our Coop at Kongsberg,” spokesperson Silje Alis told VG.

She went on to say that none of the Coop’s staff had been. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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