‘WAR DECLARATION!’ Spain’s power grab in Gibraltar with the EU has enraged Britons.


‘WAR DECLARATION!’ Spain’s power grab in Gibraltar with the EU has enraged Britons.

BRITAIN has reacted angrily to accusations that Spain is lobbying the European Union to strengthen its power grab in Gibraltar.

Readers of this page have reacted angrily to allegations that Madrid has urged Slovenia to hurry up the battle for Gibraltar’s post-Brexit deal. Gibraltar agreed to impose “essentially” the same duties and trade policy measures as the EU when the UK exited.

Late in July, the European Commission released a 26-page proposal for the EU’s negotiating framework, but the European Council must accept it before the talks can begin.

The draft proposal has aroused uproar since it proposes that for the first time in more than 300 years, Spanish border guards could be stationed in the region.

The EU, with the support of Madrid, has also rejected a provisional deal reached last year between the British and Spanish governments on Gibraltar’s post-Brexit status.

Senior EU officials are presently reviewing EU plans before giving the green light to Commission negotiators to try to reach an agreement.

Gibraltar’s status was discussed during a meeting between Spain’s foreign minister Jose Manuel Albares and his Slovenian counterpart Anze Logar on Monday.

“I have indicated to my colleague my hope that the presidency works for the acceptance of the negotiating mandate for a Gibraltar deal between the EU and the United Kingdom as soon as possible,” Mr Albares added.

“This is clearly a top problem for us, for Spain.”

Mr Albares also met with Spanish lawmakers to discuss the post-Brexit negotiations over Gibraltar, noting that the United Kingdom was Spain’s fifth-largest trading partner and “one of our important interlocutors” outside the EU.

“The final agreement must have Spain’s previous consent,” he continued, “and I can promise you that our country will only accept an agreement that appropriately safeguards our interests and our sovereignty position.”

Readers of this page have reacted to the reports, claiming that the people of Gibraltar should decide whether or not the Rock should be part of the EU.

“Surely it is up to the people of Gibraltar to decide whether or not they want to be a part of Spain,” one stated.

“It would constitute a declaration of war if Spain simply took over Gibraltar without the approval of the people.”

“Spain wants to unilaterally overturn an international treaty, eh?” said another.


Readers of this website have taken aim at Brussels and Madrid for their “bullying methods.”

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