Wallace warns, “Risk goes up!” because ISIS wants to be seen “chasing” the West out of Afghanistan.


Wallace warns, “Risk goes up!” because ISIS wants to be seen “chasing” the West out of Afghanistan.

DEFENCE Secretary of State Ben Wallace said that the chances of a terror strike at Kabul Airport are increasing as organisations like Al-Qaeda and ISIS try to exploit the situation and portray themselves as “driving” Western forces out of Afghanistan.

On Sky News, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace issued a stark warning that terror groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda will likely devise ways to exploit the disarray at Kabul airport through strikes. He explained that as the number of Western personnel in Afghanistan decreases, the country will become less safe for people as extremist groups move in. Mr Wallace also added that terror groups want to be seen as victorious, so they will try to make it appear as if they are “chasing” the West out of Afghanistan, in a thinly veiled warning for the future as he explains that troops are “very vulnerable” despite the Taliban controlling movement in Kabul.

Mr Wallace was interviewed by Sky News host Niall Paterson about the situation in Afghanistan and if things were going according to plan.

Mr Wallace reported that 2,000 people were evacuated in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of persons evacuated to almost 10,000.

Mr Paterson was curious as to the likelihood of a terror assault near Kabul airport, which may take advantage of the disarray and weakened Western forces in the area.

“Certainly as we approach closer to the deadline of August 31, which at the G7 they’ll have that debate about whether it’s viable to move,” Mr Wallace explained.

“However, the Taliban made it clear yesterday that as we draw closer to the deadline, the security risk increases and the situation becomes increasingly perilous.

“Also, add-on organizations and other terrorist groups, such as ISIS, would like to claim more credit or be seen chasing the West down at the airport, which will surely support their narrative and objectives.

“The Taliban controls the outer ring of the airport, as well as checkpoints, all of which makes ISIS terrorism more difficult; the Taliban and ISIS have no amicable relations at all.

“But certainly, we’re extremely aware that if these terrorists decide to do something, we’re very vulnerable.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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