‘Wait a minute, you lot!’ For the sake of diversity, the UK’s flag carrier will drop the ‘ladies and gentlemen’ salutation.


‘Wait a minute, you lot!’ For the sake of diversity, the UK’s flag carrier will drop the ‘ladies and gentlemen’ salutation.

According to The Telegraph on Sunday, the UK’s flag carrier has become the latest airline to replace the traditional welcome with a gender-neutral replacement. The policy change was implemented to avoid discriminating against passengers who do not fit into either of the two groups, such as children, and to “respect new societal norms,” according to the publication.

The company’s commitment to “inclusion and diversity,” according to a BA representative, appears to validate the drive toward “woke talk.”

“We’re devoted to making all of our customers feel welcome when they fly with us,” stated a British Airways representative.

Conservative observers were less than pleased with the announcement. Some even called the carrier’s decision to drop the word, which has long been considered a polite and conventional mode of speech, a “attack” on the British national character.

Laurence Fox, actor and leader of the UK’s Reclaim party, tweeted, “It’s an attack on everything we are.” Fox, a lockdown skeptic and Brexit advocate, sought for mayor of London earlier this year and received fewer than 2% of the vote.

It’s a smear campaign against all we stand for.

In an effort to promote ‘diversity,’ British Airways will stop making ‘ladies and gentlemen’ announcements. https://t.co/bgtR8Cz9ib Another conservative Brexit supporter asked, “When will this nonsense end?” while another chastised the British flag carrier for becoming “Woke Airways.” You are the flagbearer for the United Kingdom. Wake up and respect our conventions and traditions, you’re British Airways, not Woke Airways.

It may be outdated, but I prefer to be addressed as a lady. What’s wrong with a little courtesy? We’re all ladies or gentlemen, right? I don’t suppose monkeys or sheep can sit in airplane seats! While passengers boarding a British Airways flight will no longer hear “ladies and gentlemen,” it’s unclear how the passengers will be addressed in the future, according to The Telegraph. “BA has traditionally encouraged its pilots to bring their own personalities into onboard announcements,” according to The Telegraph. Quick-witted netizens wasted no time in coming up with their own greetings, which were more or less appropriate. A self-described “transport enthusiast” proposed disregarding etiquette and just referring to passengers as “passengers, nothing more, nothing less.” “We have to pay for our transportation.” It doesn’t matter whatever cabin we’re in. The user stated, “‘We would like to welcome passengers aboard this…'” “very straightforward, nobody needs to be offended.”

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