‘Vote Tory to earn a pay raise,’ Labour mocked as a black hole in Starmer’s scheme.


‘Vote Tory to earn a pay raise,’ Labour mocked as a black hole in Starmer’s scheme.

Sir Keir Starmer’s plan to address the rising HGV driver shortage, which has triggered the current fuel and supply chain crisis sweeping the UK, has shattered the Labour Party.

Sir Keir Starmer told BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show that he may provide permits to 100,000 foreign workers to fill lorry driver shortages as the Labour Party conference began in Brighton. However, his strategy has been shattered, with Conservative Party strategists certain that they have almost stumbled upon a general election-winning argument that may turn the current crisis into a major opportunity. The increasing concerns have increased the pressure on Boris Johnson, but Tory sources now believe Sir Keir’s remarks might be turned into an opportunity for the Government, allowing the Prime Minister to stay in office for another decade.

Ministers were surprised when Sir Keir decided to commit Labour to a big increase in immigration, a Tory official told Politico’s Playbook, and claimed the Conservatives will mercilessly exploit those remarks for many years to come.

“Vote Tory to get a pay raise, vote Labour to see mass immigration push your wages down,” the government insider stated flatly.

Sir Keir has told Mr Johnson that addressing the lack of lorry drivers, which he fears is threatening to destroy Christmas, requires “immediate” action.

He suggested that the Prime Minister call a special session of Parliament if necessary to expedite legislation to keep the shelves stocked in the run-up to the holiday season.

The Labour leader noted that a plan to provide 5,000 temporary permits to foreign truck drivers would take “weeks” to get up and running.

He was enraged: “I don’t want another Christmas in our country to be marred by this Prime Minister’s lack of foresight.

“Every day that passes adds to the length of the crisis. The government has talked about giving visas but has yet to take action.

“The Prime Minister should be taking emergency measures now, but he has yet to realize the gravity of the situation.

“If legislation is required, let’s summon a special session of Parliament to pass these necessary measures as soon as possible.

“The Prime Minister must regain control.”

The temporary visa scheme for over 5,000 foreign food haulage drivers, which was set to expire on Christmas Eve, has been extended until the end of February, according to the government.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” according to Downing Street.


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