Von Der Leyen maintains his position and warns that the loathed Brexit Protocol is the “only answer.”


Von Der Leyen maintains his position and warns that the loathed Brexit Protocol is the “only answer.”

During a visit to Dublin, URSULA VON DER LEYEN supported the contentious Northern Ireland Protocol.

The President of the European Commission underlined that it is the “only solution” to the problems that Brexit has brought to Ireland.

Northern Ireland remains bound to the European single market under its provisions, resulting in some customs inspections on commerce with the United Kingdom.

Unionists are enraged, claiming that it jeopardizes their position inside the union.

Boris Johnson has vowed to renegotiate the deal if the EU does not show more flexibility.

Following a meeting with Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin in Dublin, Ms von der Leyen reaffirmed her support for the Protocol.

“The Protocol is the answer to the impact of Brexit on Northern Ireland,” she stated.

“After years of discussion, it’s the only option we’ve come up with with the UK.

“It is the only way to ensure peace and stability on Ireland’s island, as well as the integrity of the single market.

“We are persuaded that the Protocol must be adopted in order to attain these goals.”

The Protocol was enacted as part of Mr Johnson’s December Brexit agreement.

This eliminated unrestricted movement of labor and restored Britain’s standing as a fully independent trade power.

However, it resulted in additional trade hurdles between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom.

Northern Ireland was rocked by loyalist rioting in April, which was blamed in part on dissatisfaction with the Protocol.

Following the so-called “sausage wars,” the EU agreed to postpone fresh meat inspections for three months.

They were unable to take effect during the traditional loyalist marching season as a result of this.

They are, however, still set to take effect in the autumn.

This, according to Ms von der Leyen, demonstrates the EU’s flexibility.

“We have demonstrated enormous flexibility, inventiveness, and pragmatism as the European Commission over the last years and especially in the last weeks,” she said.

“Let me remind you, for example, about grace periods and extensions.

“I cannot imagine that our British counterparts will not demonstrate the same flexibility and pragmatism since we all have the same goal of achieving peace and security on the island of Ireland.”

The Protocol was established to avoid border checkpoints between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, which may have jeopardized the Good Friday Agreement of 1998.

This brought an end to over three decades of conflict in Northern Ireland, including.


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