‘Voice an opinion!’ says Tony Blair, a thinly veiled dig against Keir Starmer.


‘Voice an opinion!’ says Tony Blair, a thinly veiled dig against Keir Starmer.

TONY Blair appeared to take a jab at Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, claiming that voters expect MPs to “express their own opinion” rather than “subcontract to pressure groups.”

Labour will lose support if it “looks askance” at JK Rowling and other contentious cultural personalities, according to the former Prime Minister. “Handling these difficulties successfully” is a “equally huge challenge,” Mr Blair said, adding that “putting your head down isn’t a strategy.”

In an essay, the former Labour leader appears to argue that the party’s supporters will only be able to win power in the future if they are uncritical of high-profile persons who are being criticized.

“People appreciate common sense, proportion, and reason,” Mr Blair added, a poorly veiled dig at Sir Keir. They despise prejudice, but they despise prejudice-fighting extremists even more.

“They expect their leaders to express their own views, not to delegate them to pressure groups, no matter how deserving.”

“On cultural matters, one after another, the Labour Party is being driven into electorally off-putting positions,” Mr Blair remarked, referring to his previous political party. A progressive party seeking power that looks down on Trevor Phillips, Sara Khan, or JK Rowling is unlikely to prevail.

“These cultural issues must be debated promptly and openly by progressive politics. It must retaliate vehemently against those who seek to silence the discourse. In addition, a new ruling coalition must be found.

“All evidence suggests that it can only do so by expanding outward from the center.”

In his column for the New Statesman, Mr Blair stated that the party requires “innovation, not the status quo,” as well as a “progressive response” from the leadership.

In the essay, he mentions Joe Biden’s presidential election, claiming that there might not have been a victory without his “self-evident reasonableness and moderation.”

He asserted that “ideas matter in politics, and properly so to progressives,” and that “without leaders who can shape and deliver these ideas successfully, they collect dust on shelves, not votes in ballot boxes.”

Political parties are facing a “fundamental political dilemma,” according to the former Prime Minister, because “progressive politics has an old-fashioned economic agenda of Big State, tax and spend” that is “not especially appealing.”

According to Brinkwire Summary News, the former is mixed with “a new-fashioned social/cultural message around extreme identity and anti-police.”


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