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Vodafone Tops the Table When it Comes to Broadband Complaints

Ofcom has published its latest telecoms and pay-TV complaints league tables and new(ish)comer Vodafone retains its position in the upper echelons.

When it comes to fixed broadband, Vodafone is sitting at the top of the table that provides a quarterly insight into the number of complaints received per 100,000 customers – a metric that accounts for the different sizes of the providers in order to do things fairly. The industry average is 14, but Vodafone has almost doubled that with 26. It’s followed by 2019’s favourite broadband provider Plusnet, who finds itself tied with TalkTalk at 22, and Virgin Media with 20.

EE and Sky had the lowest number of complaints, with five each, while the Post Office came a close second with 10, and BT narrowly avoided the average with 13. The data is based on Q3 2019.

So what’s causing so many people to complain about Vodafone? According to Ofcom’s report, 38 per cent of the complaints receive about the telecoms provider related to “faults, service and provisioning issues. 26 per cent were, ironically, about complaints handling, and 15 per cent were about changing provider. Embarrassingly, Vodafone also topped the complaints table for landline, and pay-monthly mobile, coming in at above the industry average in both categories.

“Vodafone is relatively new to Ofcom’s complaints league table, but since appearing has always been in the top two for most complaints,” said Broadband Genie’s broadband expert, Alex Tofts. “Vodafone has some very cheap fibre optic deals, but if this performance continues they risk causing long term damage to the brand, so improving customer service must be a priority.”

Given that the company keeps appearing in the top two, it doesn’t seem like it gives a hoot about customer service or retention. Toft suggests switching providers to avoid dealing with Vodafone’s bullshit, particularly if your contract is up for renewal so that you can avoid cancellation fees.

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