Virginia Giuffre has filed a lawsuit against Prince Andrew, alleging sexual abuse, in a new PR setback for the Queen.


Virginia Giuffre has filed a lawsuit against Prince Andrew, alleging sexual abuse, in a new PR setback for the Queen.

Virginia Giuffre has filed a lawsuit against Prince Andrew in the United States, alleging that he assaulted her.

For years, Prince Andrew, 61, has been embroiled in the Jeffrey Epstein issue, with the Duke facing criticism for his ties to the convicted sex offender. The Duke has also been accused of having sex with Ms Giuffre, 38, on several occasions, although the royal has vehemently denied her claims. The woman has now filed a legal action in New York, alleging that Prince Andrew sexually abused her three times in 2001.

She is suing Prince Andrew for specific compensatory and punitive damages under the Child Victims Act, which enhanced victims’ ability to sue alleged abusers.

“I am holding Prince Andrew accountable for what he did to me,” she stated of the lawsuit.

Ms Giuffre was allegedly abused by the prince three times when she was under the age of 18 nearly two decades ago, according to the lawsuit.

It says that she was forced to have sex with Andrew against her will at Ghislaine Maxwell’s London house.

The Duke allegedly abused Ms Giuffre on two further occasions, according to the lawsuit, in Mr Epstein’s New York mansion and on a private island he owned.

Ms Giuffre “was originally recruited to perform massages and, thereafter, to engage in a range of sexual acts for Epstein,” according to court filings.

According to the records, she was thereafter “frequently abused” by Epstein and “loaned out” to “other influential guys for sexual purposes” by him.

It claims that the defendant, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, was “one such influential guy to whom plaintiff (Ms Giuffre) was lent out for sexual purposes.”

According to the Mail Online, the Duke’s case might be “devastating.”

“This may be terrible for Andrew,” they claimed.

“If he chooses to fight it and is deposed [forced to give testimony], his depositions may be made public.

“If he ignores it, he risks being judged guilty in his absence, which would be disastrous for his public image.”

Prince Andrew has denied any involvement with Ms Giuffre on numerous occasions.

“It didn’t happen,” he declared in his infamous BBC Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis.

“I can tell you unequivocally that that never happened.

“I have absolutely no recollection of ever meeting this lady.”

Later, the Duke made a statement in which he expressed remorse for his affiliation with Mr Epstein and expressed sympathy for the victims.

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