‘Violence!’ exclaims the speaker. Insulate Britain explodes in response to irate commuters who are hauling campaigners off the road.


‘Violence!’ exclaims the speaker. Insulate Britain explodes in response to irate commuters who are hauling campaigners off the road.

After staging another round of demonstrations around London, INSULATE BRITAIN activists bemoaned the decision of some drivers to push protesters off the road.

During the fourth week of the group’s campaign to persuade the government to insulate 29 million homes by 2030, roughly 50 individuals blocked four sites throughout the city on Monday morning, according to the organisation. LBC filmed the moment a woman stopped in traffic tearfully battled with protesters as they delayed her route to see her mother, who she said was in the hospital, at Blackwall Tunnel in east London. Insulate Britain spokesman Fiona Atkinson was asked if drivers forcefully removing protesters from the road was “justifiable.” “Ms. Atkinson, speaking on TalkRadio, said: “That’s violence.” We don’t use violence.

“I believe that physically removing people when they are citizens is going too far.”

“But it’s alright to sit in front of someone’s car?” remarked presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer.

“That’s the police’s job!” Ms Atkinson continued.

At rush hour, the activists at Blackwall Tunnel sat on the northbound A102, as well as three other key arteries in London.

Wandsworth Bridge, Hanger Lane, and Arnos Grove in south London were also targeted.

In a video uploaded by TalkRadio, angry motorists near Wandsworth Bridge have been hauling protesters out of the road where they looked to be blocking an ambulance.

As activists are scooped up and taken away, one driver can be heard shouting, “There’s an ambulance, you stupid p****, get out of the road.”

It’s the latest in a series of demonstrations by the group, which has also targeted the M25, M4, and the Port of Dover.

This comes after the government issued a new injunction last week prohibiting Insulate Britain demonstrators from disrupting traffic or access to important A roads in and around London.

Anyone who violates the injunction faces up to a year in prison or an infinite fine, and campaigners who are found in contempt of court may be made to pay back their legal fees.

Insulate Britain has promised to continue its efforts until the government delivers “a serious commitment suggesting that all of Britain’s 29 million leaky houses would be insulated by 2030.”

Insulate Britain was mentioned during a Cabinet minister’s address, and one attendee demanded that the protesting environmentalists be “shut up.”

“Brinkwire Summary News” is a reference.


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