Viewing figures for GB News have plummeted – how do they compare to the BBC and Sky?


Viewing figures for GB News have plummeted – how do they compare to the BBC and Sky?

Following a boycott over one presenter kneeling in sympathy with black English football players after England’s Euro 2020 final loss to Italy, GB NEWS viewership hit new lows this week.

Following a boycott, GB News started last month and is displaying indications of trouble a month later. Former admirers called the kneeling action “absolutely unacceptable” and “appalling,” and other shows on the site received zero watchers. But how do GB News’ ratings compare to those of its main rivals, the BBC and Sky?

Viewing figures for GB News plummeted last week when one broadcaster took a knee in support of England’s football team.

Taking a knee is a show of solidarity and allegiance that began in 2016 when American footballer Colin Kaepernick kneeled before a game during the national anthem.

Mr. Kaepernick stated that he could not stand to be associated with a flag that oppressed African-Americans.

Since then, the action has become a well-known anti-racist symbol in sports and during demonstrations.

Guto Harri, the host of GB News, took a knee in protest of racial abuse directed at English football players.

Mr Harri’s choice, according to the news station, was “an unforgivable infringement of our standards.”

According to The Guardian, a GB News representative declined to clarify whether Harri, a former Boris Johnson spokesperson, was still with the channel.

“GB News stands foursquare against racism in all its forms,” GB News tweeted on Thursday night. We don’t have a company policy regarding kneeling.

“Some of our visitors were in favor, while others were opposed. They’re all anti-racist. All GB News journalists adhere to our editorial standards.”

“On Tuesday, a contributing presenter took the knee live on-air, and this was an unforgivable breach of our standards,” the channel later wrote. We failed both sides of the debate by oversimplifying a complicated issue.”

Many people on social media chastised Mr Harri for his behavior.

“They and you know that the overall feeling of the country is that it is derived from a salute to BLM and that it is still related with it,” one individual tweeted. You already knew that. You could have utilized your platform to advocate for a different type of protest. In any case, I’m no longer watching GB News.”

“I’m very disgusted that.” Brinkwire Summary News, said another.


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