Viewers on GB News are outraged as a guest supports the appointment of NHS diversity officers, calling it “utterly absurd!”


Viewers on GB News are outraged as a guest supports the appointment of NHS diversity officers, calling it “utterly absurd!”

After a guest supported the NHS hiring diversity chiefs to solve workplace issues, viewers were outraged, with one calling it “utterly absurd” because the NHS was already diverse.

Russell Thomas of the Diversity Trust spoke with GB News host Patrick Christys on how diversity officers help healthcare workers deliver the best service to their patients. When queried about diversity officers being paid more than nurses, Mr Thomas avoided the subject before reaffirming the excellent service that employees could provide with an officer by their side and pointing out that they might save taxpayers money by identifying problems before they exploded. Many viewers were enraged because they remembered staff shortages in the NHS when they visited, and they suggested that the focus be shifted to encourage more care workers to join the NHS.

Mr Thomas was asked on GB News whether he thought the NHS needed “diversity chiefs.”

NHS chiefs believe that hiring diversity officers will help save lives by addressing inequities in the workforce.

Supporters claim that a more diversified NHS will make patients feel more at ease when receiving care and will encourage them to seek treatment.

“Having a senior leader in an organization or a senior sponsor around equality and diversity is extremely basic and very crucial in order to get things moving,” Mr Thomas added.

“In order to set the tone, establish the correct environment, and create role models for other people to be motivated to continue forward and succeed in those areas,” says the author.

“Investing in those top persons, those senior leaders, is critical, and it also serves as a tremendous demonstration of dedication to these concerns.

“If we’re talking about finance, some of the most financially successful organizations are those that are the most diverse, most innovative, and most diverse.

“There have been a lot of various grievances and issues that have come out that will continue to come out across the NHS in all different sectors, and that will cost us the taxpayer a lot of money.”

Mr Thomas was cut off before he could finish his sentence, but he seemed to imply that a diversity office would be able to handle concerns. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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