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Viewers are charmed by final episode of Our Yorkshire Farm

Our Yorkshire Farm viewers branded the show the ‘best TV in years’ last night, after the series’ finale episode saw the Owen family tackle life in lockdown.

The hit Channel 5 show, which has been the most-watched programme in a 9pm slot for two weeks in a row, followed the lives of Amanda and Clive Owen, aged 45 and 65 respectively,  and their nine children at a remote hill farm in the Yorkshire Dales.

The couple run the 2,000-acre tenant farm in Upper Swaledale where they manage their flock of around 1,000 sheep and run a B&B while raising their ‘free-range’ children – whose ages range from 19 to three.

Last night’s episode documented how the family spent lockdown at the farm, which coincided with their busiest time of year, lambing season. 

The episode was filmed on iPhones, because the camera crew weren’t allowed at the farm in lockdown. 

In one adorable scene, they strapped the camera to the head of four-year-old Clemmy, who explored the farm and went wild swimming, much to viewers’ delight.   

Youngest sibling Nancy also tried out the toddler cam, and donned wellington boots and to trek through the water amid fields of sheep and horses.

‘OMG how cute is the Clem Cam,’ said one viewer. 

‘Genius, the Clem Cam on Our Yorkshire Farm, she’s just too cute,’ added another.

‘Clem cam is perhaps the best thing I have ever seen!’ commented a third.   

Elsewhere, matriarch Amanda Owens, taught Clemmy how to lamb a sheep, while her other children patrolled the fields to find sheep who have given birth and make sure the newborns survived. 

After she delivered the newborn out with her bare hands, the toddler proudly declared: ‘This is the first lamb I pulled out!’ while her big sister Violet, nine, said she’s an old hand at lambing.

Amanda, who taught all her children shepherding skills before they learned to read and write, explained to her daughters the process of a ‘wet adoption’ for sheep.

In the scene, she covered  a lamb, who lost their mother, in the birth fluid of a different newborn and tricked a ewe into believing she had twin, so she would feed the other.

‘This is Wilson, the pet lamb, Wilson is about to be reborn, this ewe had a single lamb, so we’re going to lamb her lamb onto a plastic bag so we can rub them all over the other lamb, and the ewe will think they’re twins,’ she explained.

‘This is called a wet adoption, this means Wilson won’t need to be reared on the bottle but can go out on the field with his brother and mother’.

‘He’s a brother from another mother, but she doesn’t know this,’ she added.

The show, which is unashamedly unsentimental, also taught the young children how to deal with the realities of the farm, which often includes death.

In one scene, nine-year-old Violet headed out into the fields to find newborn lamb, only to discover that she’s not made it.

In another, Sid, eight, put blood on the tail of a sheep in the hope to find her lambs, only to find both twins the ewe birthed didn’t make it.

With Clemmie in tow, he returned  the sheep back to the pens in order to give her a different lamb via wet adoption. 

The pair, also resuscitated a premature newborn by tickling its nose with grass, and then brought it back to mum Amanda.

‘It’s in a very bad way,’ Amanda said, as she took it back to the house where the family created a makeshift incubator for it with their warming oven. 

Viewers praised Amanda’s ‘great parenting’ and were shocked at the skill level of the children at such a young age.

Others said the show was the best TV they’ve seen in years, adding they can’t wait for the next series. 

‘What a magical family. Those children are adorable hard working & learning so much . They’ve done a great job with the sheep & filming. Best thing on TV for a long time,’ said one.  

‘If you haven’t seen #ouryorkshirefarm yet you really should. It’s the best hour of the week on TV. So sad it’s the last in the series. This program is so joyous,’ added another.

‘Essential viewing in our house. Some sad scenes this week, but at least you know the Owen family do their very best for their animals. Will miss #OurYorkshireFarm next week,’ a third commented.

‘So sad it’s the last in the series. This program is so joyous,’ said a fourth.

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