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Video of man spanking a little boy and yelling ‘sit your a** down’ to a girl sparks outrage

A video of a man spanking a little boy and yelling at a young girl in public has sparked outrage among viewers on Twitter who have called the incident abuse. 

In the footage, which went viral on social media, the man is seen bending the boy over a folding chair and slapping his bottom six times. 

He then sits the child upright in the chair and walks over to a little girl who was sitting beside him. 

‘Sit your a** down,’ the man tells the girl before the clip ends. The man is believed to be the children’s grandfather,


According to The Sun, which first reported the video, the clip was shared on Reddit and has at least 2 million views. 

The video has sparked a heated debate on Twitter about spankings and when they are considered abuse. 

For the most part, Twitter users seem divided on the issue with several folks saying that they had worse spankings than what occurred in the video. 

‘I got whupped with extension cords switches belts paddles etc and I turned out ok,’ one user wrote.

‘All these people complaining are the same 1’s that let there child do any and everything and act like there child is perfect. Y’all new generation never had a a** whupping. Y’all need it,’ the same user said. 

Another person shared similar sentiments: ‘All the people that are saying this is abuse probably disrespected their parents and lack discipline. I see nothing wrong here. Compared to how I was whooped, this is light work.’ 

‘Some of y’all never had yalls asses beat and it’s showing right about now. This is tame compared to what I endured as a kid [sic] AND DONT PUT YOUR HAND IN THE WAY PLEASE JUST DONT,’ another wrote. 

Even professional boxer Jamel Herring chimed in: ‘Got my a** whooped as a kid… plus those whoopings in public not only embarrass you, it gets your act together.’

Olympic hurdler, James Carter, also shared his thoughts: ‘That’s what my parents did to me and I made two Olympic teams and finals.’

But there were also several people who called the video flat out abuse.  

‘This is gross and anyone condoning it is disgusting as well. If you have to hit your kids to make them listen, you’re the problem,’ one user wrote.

Another wrote: ‘I don’t care what NO ONE SAYS, the statistics are on my side when I say BEATING YOUR CHILD IS NOT OKAY!!! ITS NOT OKAY FOR THEIR EMOTIONAL, SOCIAL, OR BEHAVIORAL DEVELOPMENT!!!!’

A third person called out those who said the video wasn’t a form of abuse, saying: ‘Just say y’all were abused by your parents and need to get help, y’all love the sight of children being beaten by their own parents too much for my taste.’

It’s unclear where the incident occurred but it is believed to have taken place in the US. 

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