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Victoria’s Secret model Jessica Hart reveals she went to AA meetings

Jessica Hart has revealed she is now sober after years of living in the fast lane. 

The former Victoria’s Secret model, 33, wrote a first-person account of her decision to quit drinking for the latest edition of Harper’s Bazaar Australia. 

Describing herself as a ‘rebellious’ child, she revealed how she started drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana and skipping school aged 13. 

She began modelling aged 15, before making the decision to leave school and relocate from Melbourne to New York City to further her career. 

Jessica explained that while she wasn’t drinking everyday, she found that she ‘didn’t stop’ once she’d had that first drink.

‘A few drinks didn’t interest me. I was go hard or go home. And home was never the answer,’ she wrote.

Jessica revealed that it wasn’t until her early thirties that she decided to turn her life around because she was ‘start[ing] to feel this is getting old’.  

She had an epiphany one morning when she woke up and thought ‘this is it’ and decided to instead turn her ‘body into a temple’. 

During her first few months of sobriety, she made small changes and even began attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. 

‘I joined AA and did 30 meetings in 30 days,’ she said, referring to the traditional advice given to AA newcomers that they attend meetings daily.

Generally speaking, AA members should remain anonymous. 

However some celebrities have disclosed the fact they are involved in the fellowship, including Craig Ferguson and Anthony Hopkins. 

Jessica also revealed that her new boyfriend, NASCAR driver James Kirkham, has been a great support in her decision to get sober.

Furthermore, she described her younger sister Ashley Hart as a ‘guiding light’, whose own wellness journey has inspired her.

Jessica famously walked the catwalk for Victoria’s Secret in 2012 and 2013.  

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