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Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announces a $300 cash payment just for taking a coronavirus test 

Victorians who don’t have access to sick leave and are forced to take time off work to be tested for coronavirus will receive a $300 hardship payment.

Premier Daniel Andrews made the announcement on Thursday after it was revealed that 53 per cent Victorians were not self-isolating after taking a COVID-19 test.

The $300 payment is for working Victorians who have taken a test and need to isolate until their results come back.

It is aimed at helping those who don’t have sick leave to fall back on, which particularly affects casual workers.

Victorians may be eligible for a further payment of $1,500 if their test comes back positive to compensate for lost earnings during their time in isolation.

‘What we’ve got at the moment is people who feel unwell, but don’t want to go and get tested quick enough because they’re fearful of not being able to go to work,’ Premier Andrews said. 

‘This ensures that people are no worse off and, in fact, Victorians are better off because we know that these patterns of behavior are driving a number of the cases.’

‘It is critically important that we have those with even the mildest of symptoms coming forward, getting tested, those results tell us where we have to work hardest.’ 

Those eligible for the payment must provide a payslip or make a statutory declaration to show they’re working.

It comes as Victoria recorded 403 new cases and five more deaths within a 24 hour period on Thursday, as the second horror wave of coronavirus infections continues.

Eligible Victorians are urged to call the 1800 675 398 hotline to apply for the $300 payment.

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