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Victoria suffers another 12 deaths and 113 more cases

Victoria has recorded another 113 coronavirus cases and 12 deaths as numbers continue to tumble.

The new coronavirus infections reported on Friday marks the fifth day in a row of case number sitting below 150. The new fatalities take Victoria’s death toll to 497. 

As infections continue to decline Scott Morrison is expected to call for an exit plan to be made to ease the state out of lockdown.

The Prime Minister wants a ‘principles-based approach’ to easing level four restrictions, which have been in place since August 2.  

He wants the move to be driven by data and well communicated to the public, the Herald Sun reported. 

‘The restrictions should be in only for as long as they are absolutely needed and they should only be placed in where they are absolutely needed, based on that medical advice,’ he said on Thursday.  

Premier Dan Andrews hinted that a road map to recovery was on the way but gave no additional details during the press conference on Thursday.

‘When I am ready to make those announcements then I will make those announcements,’ he said.

‘We quite soon hope to be able to give people a road map, a clear plan about what coming out of stage four looks like, what opening up looks like, what finding COVID-normal looks like.

‘I am not in a position to be able to do that, but what I am foreshadowing is we will give people as much notice as we possibly can.’

Improving the state’s economy and the mental health of Victorians was the top priority, he said.

He said the state was further ahead than expected.

Mr Andrews is meanwhile being dragged to the negotiating table over a proposed extension to Victoria’s State of Emergency legislation, allowing the retention of ongoing coronavirus restrictions.

He wants 12 months but without the support of the state opposition, may have to compromise to satisfy at least four crossbench MPs for it to pass.

Prominent crossbencher Fiona Patten wants the emergency powers extended by no more than six months and a cross-party committee to oversee the provisions.

The current pandemic emergency declaration is due to expire on September 13 after a maximum six extensions.

Mr Andrews stressed the proposed extension did not mean stage four restrictions for another year and rules would only remain ‘for so long as it is necessary’.

On Thursday, the premier said he was having ‘productive’ conversations with the crossbench.

‘When we get an outcome – and I’m very confident that we will – one that both protects public health, acknowledges that we can’t go from Stage 4 to Stage 0 and have no rules at all,’ he said.

‘You want to open up, that’s exactly what we want to do, you have to have a framework, a structure.’ 

Mr Andrews added his state could not open up with 100 new coronavirus infections each day.  

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