VDL is being accused of breaking a pledge over the Covid vaccines tragedy by an enraged EU policy head.


VDL is being accused of breaking a pledge over the Covid vaccines tragedy by an enraged EU policy head.

The vaccine program of URSULA von der Leyen has been chastised for having “insufficient exports to Africa and Latin America.”

Josep Borrell, the European Union’s chief foreign ambassador, claimed the group was ceding power to China by refusing to support Covid vaccination campaigns in poorer and lower-income countries. His contribution is a direct rebuke to the European Commission’s pledge to assist weaker economies in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. “China’s expansion in Africa and Latin America should concern us and occupy us greatly,” Mr Borrell added.

“We vaccinated 60% of our people in Europe. They are two or three percent in Africa.

“Who is Africa’s major vaccine supplier? China. Who is Latin America’s main vaccine supplier? China.”

Beijing has stepped up its vaccine diplomacy in developing nations, promising £2.2 billion in pandemic aid and claiming to have sent out 500 million vaccines.

Mrs. von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, has only promised to ship 200 million doses to low-income nations by the end of the year.

“Yes, but when?” said Mr Borrell.

“It’s not simply a matter of dedication; it’s also a matter of effectiveness.”

He claimed that for a continent with 1.5 billion people, the EU had only distributed “about 10 million pills in Africa.”

The EU foreign policy leader fumed, “It’s certainly insufficient.”

Mr. Borrell claimed that his boss had established a “geopolitical Commission” in 2019 by traveling to Africa and promising close collaboration and partnership.

But, he cautioned, these assurances have now been called into question.

“We’re doing a lot,” he replied, “but it’s not enough.”

“An African leader recently said to me, ‘You said you’d be our best partner.’ Now you have the opportunity to demonstrate it.’”

Mr. Borrell cited a Chinese media effort in which Beijing is portrayed as the most helpful international partner for developing countries.

It also rejects EU and US aid as insignificant.

This, according to the EU’s top diplomat, poses a serious dilemma for the bloc.

“Others are doing more than us, or at least people think they are doing more than us,” he remarked.

“This will have geopolitical ramifications. Europe must accelerate… the implementation of our commitments.”

Despite the EU’s close working connection with the COVAX aid programme, Mr Borrell primarily faulted the lack of visibility of vaccine donations given by the EU.

“We’ve paid a lot of money to COVAX,” Brinkwire Summary News said.


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