Vaccine chaos: Britons stranded in Europe as the UK refuses to recognize the EU vaccination scheme


Vaccine chaos: Britons stranded in Europe as the UK refuses to recognize the EU vaccination scheme

Because the UK refuses to acknowledge Covid jab dosages supplied under the EU immunization scheme, Britons have been left stuck in Europe.

Ian Collins of TalkRADIO spoke with a British man who has been stuck in Portugal for months because the UK refuses to acknowledge the double vaccinations he and his wife had in the EU. Steve, who called in from the Algarve, revealed that he had received two Pfizer vaccine shots only to discover that the vaccines were not recognized by UK authorities. He stated that the only option to return to the UK would be through the UK vaccination program with a double dosage.

“We felt we’d moved heaven and earth to get ourselves double jabbed in Portugal,” Steve told Ian Collins.

“Thank God for that Pfizer jab,” says the narrator.

“I now learn that if we returned to the UK right now…which we were hoping to do because we haven’t seen our family in months…

“The double-jabbed Pfizer jab we had in Portugal is not accepted in the UK.”

“So, what are we meant to have?” he continued.

When we come back to the UK, may we get another two of Pfizer shots?”

“The only way we can get back in is if your double jab was done through the UK immunization program,” Steve explained.

“How in the world are we expected to do this?!?”

It comes as President Macron has adopted a new rule allowing fully vaccinated tourists to enter France under specific situations.

The doses they got, however, had to be approved by the European Medicines Agency.

According to France24, “that is a green light for people who have been inoculated with Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, or Janssen.”

“If you had your vaccination outside of the EU, French social security can provide you a certificate allowing you to enter French territory.

“However, you’ll want to be able to obtain one of these health cards, which will be necessary on trains, restaurants, and pubs in the near future.”

Some French Twitter users have called on France’s Health Minister, Clement Beaune, to take action.


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