Usage of vaccines and schooling


The issues addressed by columnists and newspaper workers were immunization logistics and child protection.

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Ann Widdecombe asked why there was still no mobilization of 30,000 NHS volunteers to help administer the vaccine.

The prime minister ordered a review of the ridiculous bureaucracy that results in the temporary return of NHS employees, including physicians, having to fill out countless forms to show that they are qualified in anything from fire safety to diversity,”The prime minister has ordered a review of the ridiculous bureaucracy that results in temporary returning NHS staff, including doctors, having to fill in umpteen forms to prove they are trained in everything from fire safety to diversity,” “He doesn’t need a review, he should just issue a directive that all volunteers must be able to give jabs is proof of where and in what capacity they last worked in the NHS, and that should be all that needs to be checked. It isn’t rocket science.”

She said that it is just common sense that “in a very short period of time we need to get that much immunity into the population.”

The Guardianship

Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at the Georgetown Center for Global Health Science and Security. Science does not support the claim that a second dose of an mRNA vaccine may be postponed, and Ilan Schwartz, an infectious disease doctor at the University of Alberta.

“There is a significant risk that a single vaccination would be insufficient, particularly for the elderly, the group most in need of protection,” they said. “It is well known that age reduces the duration and magnitude of immune responses, and we cannot compromise the safety of those most at risk based on an intriguing preliminary result.”

They said it was a true achievement of modern science to produce vaccines in record time.

“We must not sweep defeat aside by administering vaccines in a way other than that for which they were carefully evaluated.”

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Sarah Vine reported that it was obvious that children in the pandemic would become third-class citizens.

“During this pandemic, their education, their rights, their future and their well-being – not to mention their mental health – were regarded as if they were subordinate to anyone else,” she said. “The argument is that you should not just place the hopes of children on hold. Nobody would have a second childhood. Again, nobody gets to be 15 or 17; if it’s over, it’s over.

She said the possibility of making up ground lost to online learning by tests is a glimmer of hope for many children.

What’s the point of waking up in the morning if you take that away? As the daughter of a friend told me, ‘It’s like no one cares anymore,” she said.

“We cannot either permanently shut down schools – or society in general. To keep schools open and keeping them that way, we have to tighten every sinew and explore every possibility.


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