Ursula von der Leyen intends to implement EU legislation in Poland with “all available authorities.”


Ursula von der Leyen intends to implement EU legislation in Poland with “all available authorities.”

URSULA VON DER LEYEN has threatened to use “all available powers” to enforce EU law in Poland, as Polexit worries rise in the wake of the country’s decision to overturn crucial laws.

Several rallies were staged in Poland over the weekend in response to a court judgement declaring major EU legislation “incompatible” with the Polish constitution. The decision has sparked fears that Poland will follow the United Kingdom out of the EU.

The Polish government, on the other hand, has denied having any plans.

Mateusz Morawiecki, Poland’s Prime Minister, defended the decision, saying his party had no aspirations for Polexit.

“This is a dangerous lie, which the opposition uses to mask its own lack of ideas regarding Poland’s responsible role in Europe,” he said on Facebook.

Following Poland’s decision, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said the group would use “all of its capabilities” to guarantee that the Union’s legal order is upheld.

“I am profoundly worried by yesterday’s judgement of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal,” Ms von der Leyen stated.

“I have directed the Commission’s services to conduct a comprehensive and expeditious investigation.

“We’ll take the following measures based on this.”

“We will uphold the foundational ideals of our Union’s legal structure,” she continued.

“This is what our 450 million Europeans rely on.”

“To accomplish this, we will utilize all of the powers we have under the treaties.”

The EU Commission chief said that it was his “utmost priority… to ensure that the rights of Polish people are respected and that Polish citizens, like all citizens of our Union, enjoy the benefits given by membership in the European Union.”

“EU individuals as well as firms doing business in Poland require legal assurance that EU rules, particularly European Court of Justice judgements, are adequately implemented in Poland,” she stated.

“Our Treaties are unmistakable.

“All decisions of the European Court of Justice, including national courts, are binding on all Member States’ authorities.”

“EU law, including constitutional provisions, takes precedence over national law.”

“As members of the European Union, all EU Member States have agreed to this.”

Following the demonstrations, the European Commission and its President were urged to take action against Mr Morawiecki’s country.

Journalist Damir Fras, writing in his current column for the German news site RND, called on the EU Commission to take “strong action” against Poland.

He claimed that no funds should be sent from Brussels to Warsaw.

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