Update on the TI 10 Main Event of ‘Dota 2’: Secret Beats OG! Scores for Heroes, Upcoming Matches, Predictions, and More! .


Update on the TI 10 Main Event of ‘Dota 2’: Secret Beats OG! Scores for Heroes, Upcoming Matches, Predictions, and More! .

The TI 10 Main Event for “Dota 2” has already begun. After an incredible victory over the popular professional team, Team Secret has once again proven that it can take on OG, with Nisha leading his teammates.

— HerlouLualhati (@HerlouL19) — You betrayed me. 12th of October, 2021 If you missed the battle, here are the current OG and Team Secret members, along with their heroes and standings: Secret Group Nisha is a young woman from India (Ember Spirit) 20/3/22 Puppeteer (Ancient Apparition) 7/8/33 Yapzor Yapzor Yapzor Yapz (Monkey King) 6/6/26 Zai, Zai, Zai, Zai (Earth Shaker) 8/7/25 Matumbaman (Morphling)OG Matumbaman (Morphling)OG Matumbaman (Mor Sumail Sumail Sumail Sumail Sumail Su (Ursa) 14/5/6 There is no tail (Mars) 3/15/13 Ceb is a character in the film Ceb (IO) 5/8/15 Saksa is a Japanese word that means “to be (Tusk) 1/12/12 Topson is a name for a person who (Invoker) 4/11/13 Both of these clubs are still in the upper bracket at the time. However, analysts and match pundits predicted that if OG lost their second game against Team Secret, they would be relegated to the bottom bracket. In the meantime, Team Secret’s official Twitter account has already congratulated them on their immaculate victory over OG.

Sumai versus Zai

N0tail vs. L. Puppey.

Friends became adversaries. Let’s get this over with today. #TI10 pic.twitter.com/oGMRVRHkzM #SecretDota Team Secret (@teamsecret) (@teamsecret) (@teamsecret) (@teamsecret) (@team 12th of October, 2021 Will Ceb Play in ‘Dota 2’ TI 10? Brinkwire News: Will Ceb Play in ‘Dota 2’ TI 10? OG Issues a Medical Update Regarding His Eye Illness “WHAT JUST HAPPENED,” the victorious captioned its most recent tweet, which received over 2,500 likes in less than an hour.

In the comments section, some “Dota 2” fans stated that they were yelling during the clash between OG and Team Secret. OG lost this round, but there’s still a good possibility they’ll win the next one.

Fights in ‘Dota 2’ that are still open

Other teams will still fight against one another during the Main Event of “Dota 2” The International 10, which runs from October 12 to October 17.

According to Dot Esports, the following “Dota 2” matches should be expected:

12th of October Lower Bracket

Fnatic vs. Team Undying (7:30 am CT)

Team Aster vs. Quincy Crew (8:30 am CT)

Alliance vs. Beastcoast (9:30 am CT)

Elephants vs. Evil Geniuses (10:30 am CT)

Upper Bracket (Oct. 13)

T1 against PSG.LGD (1:00 am CT)

Vici Gaming vs. Virtus.pro (4:00 am CT)

Bracket at the bottom (To-Be-Announced)

14th of OctoberUpper Bracket (To-Be-Announced)

Bracket at the bottom (To-Be-Announced)

15th of OctoberLower Bracket (To-Be-Announced)

Lower Bracket (To-Be-Announced)Upper Bracket (To-Be-Announced)Upper Bracket (To-Be-Announced)Upper Bracket (To-Be-Announce (To-Be-Announced)

17th of OctoberLower Bracket (To-Be-Announced)

Match of the Century (To-Be-Announced)

Recent OG vs. Team SecretSports Predictions

Various critics have already offered their predictions for the recent encounter between OG and Team Secret, according to Keeda. Team Secret, based on their wagers. News from Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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